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So, what's the Story? Who? What? Why? and How you can be part of this? 

Hey! Thanks for your visit. I’m Ms. Wololoy, the owner of the store, Wololoy! Let's see how much you know about me... cool 

I was born and raised in Haiti. My studies and career took me to Breezy Nice, France and Sunny San Francisco, California. These days you’ll find me in the Beautiful state of Georgia in the U.S where I’ve been living for more than a decade now as of October 2022, with my hubby. I started my career in engineering before deciding to launch a fun journey in entrepreneurship. It started out with my financial services practice and then I expanded my portfolio into Real Estate Investments, Retail, etc. A busy schedule had dragged me away from my childhood passion: Arts and Crafts. I like to create. I wanted to remedy, thus my online store “Wololoy!” It began with playing out with canva.com which I use as a tool to give life to the items in the store but also to all my marketing spots and posts. Indeed, contrary to what people might think, I have not been using a digital creator agency; so far, I’ve been the creator of all the videos and static posts for both Wololoy! and my Financial Services Facebook pages. (🎶 Applause, 🎵 A round of applause! 😊).

The Joy of Wololoy!:


Why “Wololoy!” as the name of the store?: The word “Wololoy!” sounds musical. It is one of those terms that we express instead of just saying it! It stays in the mind and conveys happy feelings. It is a creole word meaning “wow!” in English. I’ve designed these items to nicely surprise you, people & businesses who would receive them or your gift recipients. .


What you’ll find in store at Wololoy! and the impact of the products? In "Wololoy!" you will find different categories of items that I have designed: shirts, mugs and shot glasses as well as some jewelry that I have re-accessorized. However, the ones I am the most excited about are the Ayiti Collection where I am promoting the Haitian food, culture, people, etc. I believe that even if we might not be able to go back home, my Ayiti Collection mugs can bring good memories and are a great conversation starter during one of our first gestures during the day: Coffee/Tea time, or up until the last one before bedtime with a cup of hot milk or chocolate. And for me, if every morning and night, each of these cups can bring about a prayer for the country from everyone drinking from a “Wololoy!” cup while they reminisce, that is a lot of great vibes we can cast upon Haiti. So much needed! What I want to do through Wololoy! is a movement of positivity: A Positive Marketing Campaign for Haiti with the Wololoy! movement by everyone buying 1 or more Wololoy! products and sharing their different great stories or telling various nice subjects related to Haiti or to them during their life/stay in Haiti or to them as Haitians/Haitian descents.

Where I’d like to take this and how you can be part of it? My real name as Ms. Wololoy is Fadette E. Colin. I’m a very grounded and easy-going person who likes to have fun in everything that she does. Very kind-hearted, I always bless everyone who is on a journey to create, launch or improve either themselves, their lives or their business and career. My vision for the store is that many people hold a collection of “Wololoy!” mugs, shirts and others with the “Wololoy!” brand becoming a darling household Word and Brand!

Interview where I talk more about Wololoy! and the Positive Marketing Campaign for Haiti: Interview with Florence Augustin, the founder of Creations Florence Augustin and connects artists via her Facebook group: FARH - Foyer des Artistes Haïtiens.


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Where to find the store and see me hanging out? Besides creating things, I love traveling and dancing. You might catch me showing off some moves on few on the social media platforms where we showcase our products.

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