Supporting the Haitian dance and culture at the 10 years anniversary gala of Les Notes du Corps Répertoire de Danse with Pascale Hilaire Primeau in Montreal Canada: 

Winner of the Wololoy! gift basket:

Become a Wololoyist!:  Support our Positive Marketing Campaign for Haiti by buying 1 or more Wololoy! products from this website and while drinking from or wearing your Wololoy! products tell your great stories about Haiti or you as haitian or haitian descent. Ayiti se NOU li YE! You can tag me at @ms.wololoy on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, I'll be happy to show you on our page.

Few Wololoyists enjoying the Joy of wololoy!:
The "Les Notes du Corps Répertoire de Danse" dancers in Montreal, Canada are so Wololoy!:
Ms.Wololoy with some flowers and gifts at a gala:
Partnership with Carribrew:

Few Wololoyists enjoying the joy of working and togetherness. Our beautiful Haitian ladies. Wi , "Ayiti se peyi Bèl Moun":

Wololoy! is Joy and Colors...

Wololoy! se Vyab la, se Swag la, se Enèji a!... Wololoy!...Anpil sòs!

🎶 "Timoun, Granmoun, se Wololoy!" 🎵:

Kanaval nou Wololoy!: yes, this is Miss Wololoy! at 4-5 years old disguised as "Rèn Kanaval' in Haiti for the carnival:

 Wololoy! products are great gift ideas for all occasions:


Some More Wololoy! Joy:
E nan ki gode ou bwè ti Chokola w?:
Ayiti peyi penti, peyi koulè, peyi atis, peyi kreativite...Wololoy! :
More than a store, we bring value by hosting brainstorming, heart-to-heart conversations, life stories and experience & knowledge sharing in Live sessions. These insights will be provided with personalities from different careers and backgrounds. During these sessions we feature some of the items available in the store. Fun, informative and time to get social.
These sessions are not on a fixed schedule but rather as guests and host calendars allow over a worthwhile topic.

We have some Live sessions on various topics which you can watch from our facebook page like this one on  Women's Causes / Koze Medam Yo, with guest Marie Cassandre Mérizier, Social Servant:

And among our other topics and guests: Staying True To Yourself; with guest Ermite (Mitou) Charles, Cosmetologist

Principles and Values in the militiray that are applicable right into our lives and careers as Civilians; with guest Paul Defay, Engineer
    Few Ideas useful in Business, with guest Clifford Dessables, Entrepreneur

      Women supporting Women: FORTUNATELY FEMMES, once again is Honoring and Celebrating Haitian Women owned Businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, throughout the month of October.

      2 Thumbs up to the creator of the project, Betty Fortunat and thanks to Haiti On Demand with Chenet Nérette and collaborators for supporting this vision and I appreciate you guys inviting Ms Wololoy in.:

      Ms. Wololoy with Betty Fortunat (Fortunately Femmes) and Haiti On Demand during an interview about Wololoy!:

      Eske ou menm tou ou renmen "Fridòdòy"? Di nou istwa ou ak on bèl pwodwi Wololoy!na men w. Li ka swa yon tas/gode, yon rad ou byen yon tablye nan koleksyon" Fridòdòy" la: