Excited customers

Feedback from just a few of our excited customers taking over TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to grace us with videos or pictures at tea or coffee time or showing off other items:


Beatrice Juste Cénat, Alabama, haitian cuisine lover and blogger:

Tout moun se Wololoy!. We ship everywhere:

Isabelle D., Montreal, Canada. That's how 'BOLD' you become when you pour a 'strong' one into a Wololoy! mug! An avan, vinn pran kafe! Anmweyyy!!! Kote Gode w?:

Solange maxime, Mrs Georgia, pageants Boss Lady:

James Pierre, renowned journalist, is showcasing one of the mugs from his Wololoy! Mugs Collection in Miami, Florida...

Gode Ayiti Wololoy! sa yo ap rive CNN kan menm, kan menm! E nap fè bon news lè a. Li lè pou lemond wè Ayiti sou yon lòt ang mezanmi!


The Pearls of Massachussetts entrusted Wololoy! with their custom made project for the women's group:


Michelange, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The Queen of Professional Decor is howing off her Wololoy! mug with the pink Haiti Map. Pink is her decor color palette.

Kòm peyi li sou kè l, ebyen li fè Ayiti rive lakay li! Se pa ti bèl!:


Satisfied Customer having a "rich" coffee, out in Montreal, Canada.

Se bwè kafe w nan gode Wololoy! ou, epi tann lajan an! :  

Sandra F., with her custom made canva, few days after putting her special order in...

kiss Se pa ti Zuzu! nan Wakefield, Massachussetts:

Yes, you can also go boogy with these mugs...Customer in Montreal, Canada, is up onto a "You and I" time (Petit moment à deux). Made for each other just like these mugs are made for you.

Ou ta fè tou, pa vre!?...Ban m diw : Ke w gen moun ou, ou byen ke w poko, ou ka byen pase l ak Gode w tande!

Phara J., in Dallas, Georgia, sings her heart out during some Lives on Facebook while unboxing her mugs...What a Client! :

The unboxing:

 The singing laughing:

 🎶 " Tout Moun Nèt se Wololoy!" 🎵: